God is eager to spend time with us.    But seconds a day isn’t going to take you deeper with God anymore than spending seconds a day with your spouse would make them happy.

If you have time to binge watch Netflix, you probably have time to pray.  You just have to use it.

Try setting a timer on your phone and locking yourself in a quiet place for a set period of time.   If you’re starting from zero, try 3 minutes.  You may exhaust everything you think you know to pray before that, but stay the course.  It will get more natural.

If you actually do binge watch Netflix, take the time length of one episode of  a sitcom (about 22 minutes) and set your timer for that.

Ask God to help you find the time and place to do this.   This is a prayer I’m sure He loves to answer!

(Parents of young children, especially single parents, I realize you may need to get creative here.  And not feel guilty if you have days where you can make it work.  But keep asking God to help you find downtime and space.   He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.)