It’s easy to think of the Holy Spirit as some sort of eternal magistrate always watching over our shoulders waiting for us to make a mistake.

And it’s true that the Holy Spirit’s roles include convictor of sin and revealer of truth.

But if you–even subconsciously–view the Holy Spirit in only those terms, you’re probably missing out on a depth of relationship with God that He wants you to experience.

If you love me, obey[d] my commandments. 16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate,[e] who will never leave you.” (John:14:15-16)

The Holy Spirit is revealed here as our Advocate, eternally at our side through any circumstances.  The ESV (frequently considered the most literal interpretation of the Scriptures in our language) renders the original greek word parakletos  as “Helper.”   Other translations use “Friend” (MSG), “Comforter” (KJV), “Counselor” (HCSB), “Intercessor” (AMP), and more.

Counselor, Comforter, Friend, Advocate, Intercessor . . .   That doesn’t sound like someone constantly looking over my shoulder, waiting for me to fail, just so they can criticize me.   That sounds like someone I can always talk to, someone who understands and genuinely cares, who sympathizes with my situation, and prays for me, and fights for me.    Someone who honestly likes me and enjoys spending time with me.  Someone with power to effect change.  Someone who’s not going away, even if everyone else does. . .

That’s a God that deserves our unending gratitude.


How do you view the Holy Spirit?

Which of these words most resonates with your understanding of the Holy Spirit  (Counselor/Comforter/Friend/Advocate/Intercessor)?