Start somewhere.  Anywhere.

If you haven’t prayed in years, take 30 seconds and tell God you’re not even sure what to say, but you’re here.   Even if you’re not totally sure what you’re asking for.   He’s far more interested in you than what you’re asking for.

If you’re angry at God, take your anger to him and ask for understanding.   He already knows how you are feeling, so you may as well share it with him.

If you’re not even totally sure God exists, tell God about your doubts, and ask for guidance through them.

If you’re praying 30 seconds a day, shoot for a minute.  If you’re praying 1 minute a day, shoot for two . . .

If you have a nagging subconscious suspicion that you’re not worthy to even approach God, tell God that, and ask him for help.  None of our are–at least by God’s white hot holy, universe governing standards–worthy, by the way.     But God makes a way for us in spite of ourselves,   so we can still approach him in boldness and freedom.   That’s kind of the whole point of this site.

If you’re not even truly sure God exists, tell God, and ask him to reveal himself to you as real, reliable, and trustworthy.

If something happened in your past where God didn’t seem to come through–or make sense–tell him, and ask him for understanding.

Prayer is never about us telling God something he doesn’t already know.   It’s about relationship, friendship, worship, and communication.

Prayer has real power, but only because it’s communication with the real God.   It’s a privilege the best of us still don’t deserve, but it’s available to anyone who will simply ask.

If you feel something when you pray that’s great, but there are no required feelings.

Hebrews 6 says he rewards those who sincerely seek him.  Today’s the best day to start–or restart–the search.