Your smartphone might be your biggest distraction from a better prayer life.   Multiple forms of social media, news, and everything else are constantly available at your fingertips.   Some experts say we check our phones 120 times a day.  I believe them.

But getting rid of useful technology isn’t the answer.   Why not make an alliance with your iPhone to help instead of hinder your prayer life.

I use my phone’s Bible app daily.   If you’re a “list person” there are several very good prayer list apps.  I use one daily to pray in some sort of logical order for other people without getting overwhelmed.

A huge percentage of the prayer requests some get each week are via text message.   So when you pray for other people, go back through your text messages to remind yourself of the details.

You can screenshot or copy and paste prayer requests from social media into a prayer app.   Setting timers for certain times of the day you need to pray for others (surgeries, doctor’s appointment, job interviews) is another option.

Set timers to remind you to pray for others at strategic times (surgeries, job interviews, etc.).  Use your prayer app or notes app to record instances of God’s faithfulness and review them later when your thankfulness quotient is low.

How many times a day do you think you check your phone?

What are some other ways you can use your smartphone to help your prayer life?