Fasting?   Really?

If you’ve never tried it, fasting sounds like an exercise in, well, being hungry . . .

But if you’re fasting for spiritual reasons, it takes on a whole new dimension.

I’m not an expert on fasting, but I have fasted.   Usually at times when I was seeking God’s help out of a sense of desperation (with my back against the wall and no other visible way through other than God intervening).   Or sometimes when I was looking for wisdom in making a big decision.

I can’t tell you all of the in’s and out’s of fasting.   But I can share that many of the times I felt the absolute closest to God were during fasts.   And I saw God do some amazing things afterward.

Fasting, at its most basic, is sacrificing something (frequently food) and taking the time you would have used for that activity, and instead focusing it on God.

If you’re never fasted before, eat breakfast, skip lunch, and take the time you would have used for lunch to be alone with God.   Read your Bible and pray during that time.   Eat dinner at your regular time.

Like everything else, take your lack of knowledge about fasting to God.   “God, how should I do this?”   Ask God to help you fast, if you sense that’s something you’re supposed to try, and see what He does.

Have you ever fasted before?