Prayer For Real People

Encouragement For the Rest of Us

Make Your Phone Your Ally

Your phone can be a big distraction or a big help . . .

Fasting For Real People?

If you've never tried it, fasting sounds like an exercise in, well, being hungry . . .

How To Keep Your Car Clean

What in the world is this doing on a website about prayer?

My Story

We can't really try hard enough . . .


God isn't threatened by the impossible . . .

Nothing More Important

There is arguably nothing more important you could do today than pray

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

God can handle any emotions we can take to him . . .

I’m Not Good Enough

Me neither . . .

Praying The Bible (Philippians)

Have you ever prayed for mere seconds, and felt like you've run out of things to pray? 

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